Chamber Singers (0 period)

This is our premier traditional vocal ensemble, featuring anywhere from 24-32 of our most talented and dedicated singers; they have to be dedicated because this ensembles meets every morning at 6:55am! Performing a varied repertoire of concert repertoire, Chamber Singers demonstrate the highest vocal musicianship at Poly High School. Membership is by instructor approval/audition only.

Jazz Two (1st period)

Jazz Two is our second vocal jazz ensemble, singing various types of jazz music, both a cappella and with rhythm section. Most of these singers are also in Chamber Singers, though concurrent enrollment is not a requirement. Membership is by instructor approval/audition only.

Cecilian Singers (7th period)

Cecilian Singers is our intermediate-advanced traditional ensemble. This ensemble performs a diverse repertoire, from classical to pop to jazz, and the occassional collaboration with Chamber Singers. Membership is by instructor approval/audition only.

Chorale (9th period)

This is our beginner-intermediate choral ensemble, which performs a primarily classical repertoire with a focus on fundamentals such as vowel unification, tone, and breath support. Membership is by instructor approval/audition only.

Jazz One (8th period)

Vocal Jazz One is our premier vocal jazz ensemble, and all members are concurrently enrolled in Chamber Singers. Jazz One performs jazz music exclusively, and competes annually at the Reno Jazz Festival. This ensemble is also available for hire during the holiday season for caroling at private events. Membership is by instructor approval/audition only.

Inspirational Glee (5th period)

Indicative of its name, IG sings inspiring and uplifting music, covering artists such as Kirk Franklin, Michael Jackson, Israel Houghton, any music we find encouraging. This ensemble does not require an audition, and enrollment is at the discretion of the student''s counselor.

Grace (1st period)

A subset of Gospel Choir, Grace is an auditioned ensemble of contemporary gospel musicians, each on a microphone, much like our vocal jazz groups. They perform contemporary gospel music, as well as an occasional R&B chart. Grace is under the direction of Ms. Lori Grace, and membership is by instructor approval/audition only.